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Talmid - Book of John

Book Description

tal•mid, pl. (tal•mid•im); An indentured apprentice-student of a Rabbi; a student studying under discipline, hence "disciple" rather than merely "student."

Set in the first century, three longtime friends find themselves on opposing sides when a mysterious stranger comes to their hometown of K'far-Nachum and sets in motion events that will change the world.

John, a twelve year-old who has a gift to memorize Scripture quickly, comes to the attention of the local priests, and together they deal with the stranger, a man called Yochanan the Immerser, who is baptizing townspeople in the local river in defiance of the established religious order.

Just when they successfully silence this “prophet,” another even more formidable opponent from Natzeret comes to town, and takes John and his friends from their small town to Herod's Palace, Yerushalayim and finally to a small hill called Gulgota.

About the Author

W. R. (Will) Sander was born in Liberia and grew up on the east coast. He currently resides in the Kansas City, Missouri area with his wife Kim and his sons Bradley and Benjamin. He has been a Christian since September 26, 1997, when God spoke to him at 30,000 feet on a flight from Kansas City.

He is active in the leadership of his church, and performs with the Praise Band.

This is his first novel.


Lovingly told by the student, or talmid, John over the course of several years, and a unique twist at the end, the book would make an excellent gift for the readers in your life. Get one for yourself, too. - Lisa Lickel


W.R. Sander did a wonderful job in using children as the story tellers and with differing beliefs at that. It was like it was told from the enemy camp, and it was good to know how it all went down from the other side. The three children symbolized the people of the time perfectly, the non-believers, the skeptics, and the followers. This book offered a new and the best look at what happened during the time of Jesus. - Lorena Sanqui


The story of John the Talmid, apprenticed to a priest of the Law of Moses is written in such a compelling way that the reader will feel compassion for the boy in his constant searching of his soul for the truth. You will see it does not come easily and the cost is great. John and his friends are faced with many decisions and each one leads to deep feelings and wounds that are difficult to heal. A young reader will find this a story that will hold their interest as intently as the contemporary books that are read by young people today. But its message will empower them in a way that the mainstream books cannot. This is a multifaceted story that will peak interest in the reader and lead to future study and understanding not only of the Bible but what it means to love the Lord. I encourage readers of all genres to take this exciting journey with young John as an indentured apprentice-student of a Rabbi and a disciple who learns not only about Jewish law but about love. I

highly recommend Talmid - The Book of John for all ages. - Life Purpose Books


Young readers will be spellbound by the story, the characters and the time period that holds so much important history leading to the appearance and works of Jesus Christ. There is so much to learn in Talmid – The Book of John that entertains, yet teaches true Biblical history. What more can Christian parents ask for in reading material for their teens?

Beautifully and cohesively written, author W. R. Sander writes his first novel with great depth and love of his characters. Reading this book is an experience you will not soon forget! - Margaret Lukasik

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