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Save Your Marriage: A Guide to Restoring & Rebuilding Christian Marriages on the Precipice of Divorce

This book not only offers hope to those heading for a divorce they feel powerless to prevent, but can help coupes at all stages of their marriage avoid the problems that have the potential to force them apart. It contains sound and practical advice, Godly wisdom and is packed with all the latest research.

Delving where few Christian marriage books dare, this book covers practical steps to help overcome the major marriage breakers, ranging from pornography and addictions to dealing with affairs, anger/control issues, domestic violence, and many more. "Save Your Marriage: A Guide to Restoring & Rebuilding Christian Marriages on the Precipice of Divorce" was designed to be an all inclusive book that just about any couple could simply pick up to find healing for their marriage, and brings together Holy Spirit wisdom and guidance, with all the latest research into one book.

Most importantly, however, this book also be provides proven methods and practical tips on how you can restore your love and passion, rebuild your marriage, and protect it long into the future.

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About the Author:

Karen M Gray was, herself, balancing precariously on the precipice of divorce. Her husband had found someone else and was determined to move out and commence a "fresh start" to life with his paramour. Although this book is not about that experience, it was the catalyst that prompted its research and subsequent creation.

God had made it very clear through a very long prophecy by an old pastor who had no knowledge of her marital problems that the marriage was to remain intact. In her quest for answers and solutions, she began to record any findings, with the thought that others might benefit from them. With constant help from the Holy Spirit and a miracle or two, Karen completed her research after two years.

Karen is now determined that Christian married couples are reassured there is a way through any problems they may be facing. To this end, Karen, who is a passionate speaker, is also available to conduct Marriage Restoration Seminars.

For information on how to hold a seminar in your area or church please use the contact page on this site. For more about the author, please visit Karen's website at www.KarenGray.com.au


“With refreshing honesty, Karen courageously addresses real issues facing marriages today. Karen shares practical wisdom, real life examples and extensive research, offering hope for those who have been struggling. This book addresses some issues that are rarely discussed but where there is great need.

Whether you are married or thinking of getting married, this book is a gift of practical treasures which will empower you to believe that God has a future and hope for your marriage.”

Katherine Ruonala, Senior Pastor of Glory City Church, Brisbane, Australia, and author of “Living in the Miraculous


"I would recommend to this book to ANY person who is married or is considering marriage. This book is VERY well written; its structure, formatting and idea flow are excellent. The subject is very adequately handled and with important depth. Karen lays out exceptional information and insight that is both solid and healing.

As a pastor who has worked with failing marriages and sex offenders, I can attest that there is a lot in this book that needs to be said. I would recommend to this book to ANY person who is married or is considering marriage. My best comment is, Karen - GOOD JOB!”

- Ps. David Campbell, the founder of the “Joy of Freedom” and the “New Sight” ministries, and author of the book, “Make Me Happy"

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